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Homeopathic Research — Our Credibility Depends on Our Unbiased View

By Mark Land, AAHP President   Dissemination of research information deserves careful consideration to avoid bias. Research information — basic or applied — risks misinterpretation if it is incomplete or misleadingly presented. The Food Drug and Cosmetic Act protects against these risks as it relates to clinical research information related readm more…

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Less is More: A Review of Machines that Potentize Homeopathic Medicines

In an age when technology becomes faster, smarter, and better, the science and art of crafting homeopathic medicines can be an exciting time. Part of this process, of course, relies on the potency of the medicines through the mechanization of homeopathic machines. Producing these medicines through automated processes improves the readm more…

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Basic Science Research on Homeopathy

By Iris R. Bell, MD PhD, Professor Emeritus, The University of Arizona, Consultant, Standard Homeopathic/Hyland’s Inc. Overview Recent basic science research on homeopathy has expanded understanding of the nature of remedies and their potential biological effects. This paper provides (a) a brief overview of key data and (b) this author’s readm more…

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