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2020 Democratic Presidential Run

By Pete Evich, AAHP Government Relations   As the 2020 U.S. presidential election inches closer, many Democratic hopefuls have launched campaigns to take the White House. At AAHP, we are keeping a close eye on the candidates and proposed policies that could affect the homeopathic industry. Here is an overview readm more…

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Toxicology & How to Calculate the First Safe Dilution

Matthew D. Reed, PhD, DABT, ATS led two workshops at AAHP’s recent Safety Summit, providing an in-depth introduction to the principles of toxicology and risk assessment, an appraisal of the role of toxicological studies in pharmaceutical development, and a review of the methodology for assigning first safe dilution levels. In readm more…

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A Guide to Homeopathic Substantiation: Making Label Claims Compliant with FDA & FTC

By Eric Foxman, R.Ph, AAHP Secretary   What is substantiation? An online search of 20 dictionaries provides four definitions, three of which are closely related and particularly apply to our topic: the act of showing something to be true, or of supporting a claim with facts;[1] to establish by proof or competent evidence;[2] and to readm more…

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