The AAHP Education Committee presents in-person seminars and real-time webinars. Participants include industry members, scientists, attorneys, regulators and other industry associations. Attendees benefit from first-hand knowledge of important scientific, legal and regulatory information and receive valuable tools including checklists, forms, and templates for use within their companies. Educational programs are also available on DVD and streaming video.

2018 Webinar Schedule

Here Comes FDA – Be Prepared
March 13, 2018

Your next FDA inspection could be right around the corner, and that’s why this webinar is crucial for any homeopathic manufacturer. The session will be led by Dr. George Bernstein, PhD, the Principal of Double Dragon Consulting, Inc. Bernstein will harness his 30+ years in pharmaceutical manufacturing and compliance to help you prevent inspection problems before they arise.

HPUS Updates 2017/2018
May 16, 2018

The HPCUS has clarified the definitions affecting the OTC / Rx and External Use Attenuations. Updates are also being made to attenuation levels for selected monographs. The HPCUS has updated the Compendium’s Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines to incorporate information in recent FDA documents. These changes and updates can affect your business, your cGMP compliance, your products and your long-term success in the market!

Recall Preparedness 101
July 25, 2018

Now is the time to get smart about preventing and preparing for recalls at your company. Ryan Gooley, Recall Consultant with Stericycle, will discuss the most common recall causes, FDA’s expectations, and the steps you can take to prepare for a potential recall.

GMPs: What You Need to Know
November 2018

Details TBA!

2017 Webinar Schedule

March 2017

Pharmacovigilance is more than just complete and accurate case information and the timely submission report required by regulation. This webinar, led by Steve Swantek of ProPharma, introduces the essential foundation each company must undertake to ensure safety of their products and compliance with pharmacovigilance requirements.

2017 HPUS Updates: A Webinar on Homeopathic GMPs and Stability
May 2017

The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States has posted two new documents to the HPUS. These documents and their guidance information are essential to your business, your cGMP compliance, your products and your long-term success in the market!

Stability Studies for Homeopathic Products: Special 2 Part Webinar
December 2017

Designed for CEOs and managers responsible for compliance and quality assurance, this webinar will place stability studies within a larger context of product quality–which extends far beyond the simple task of expiration dating. The program will outline the hidden costs of doing business without product stability information as well as ways that manufacturers can use stability findings to create products with competitive advantages. Additionally, attendees will learn what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expects from homeopathic drug manufacturers and marketers when it comes to drug stability.

2016 Webinar Schedule

HPUS Updates 2016: Focusing on Product Labeling
March 2016

Led by Eric Foxman, Senior Scientist for the HPCUS, this webinar will review the Expanded Labeling Guidelines for Homeopathic Drugs published in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, HPUS. This expanded labeling guidance addresses all facets of homeopathic labeling for single and combination products.

FDA’s Views on Compliance
May 2016

Brad Pace, FDA’s Acting Director of the Compliance Office’s Division of Nonprescription Drugs and Health Fraud, will speak about the Agency’s Compliance Policy for Homeopathic products and will address Agency concerns about Ingredients and formulations. Mr. Pace will provide attendees with a better understanding of what is permissible for OTC marketed homeopathic products and those which will be subject to enforcement actions.

FDA Inspections of Homeopathic Manufacturing Facilities: An Agency View
December 2016

Led by Tamara Ely, Senior Policy Advisor in the FDA’s Office of Manufacturing Quality, the webinar will examine FDA’s considerations for inspections regarding compliance in homeopathic drug manufacturing facilities. With case studies and compliance outcomes, the 90-minute program will provide a clear overview of what to expect from an FDA inspection of your facility.


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