Hevert Pharmaceuticals


576 Olive Street

Suite 200

Eugene, OR 97401

Phone:  (541)344-4980


Hevert is dedicated to naturopathy and the development of high-quality natural medicines. Founded in Germany in 1956 by pharmacist Emil Hevert and his wife Dorothea, Hevert is an independent, family-owned company run today by Mathias and Marcus Hevert, its third-generation co-Managing Directors.

Emil Hevert laid Hevert’s foundation on the legacy of renowned German naturopath Emanuel Felke, commonly referred to as the father of complex homeopathy. Felke pioneered the technique of combining different single homeopathic remedies with a history of effectiveness against a certain illness into one preparation. Each substance gives the body specific stimuli that trigger self-healing responses in different areas, thus activating the body holistically. In the course of researching and developing this groundbreaking treatment method, Felke devoted extensive study to the writings of Samuel Hahnemann and other important homeopaths, adding his own knowledge gained in his many years of experience with patients

Hevert draws upon its considerable homeopathic history in producing its own mother tinctures as well as its packaged products. The company’s mission is to combine its long tradition of homeopathic expertise with the exacting precision of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing methods to produce the highest quality possible in its broad range of homeopathic medicines. Careful sourcing of raw ingredients, closely monitored cultivation, and the most rigorous quality controls deliver maximum purity and active ingredient potency and ensure that the efficacy of Hevert’s homeopathic medicines meets the most exacting standards. Today, Hevert is one of the ten leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines worldwide.

Hevert is committed to growing its market leading position in the German naturopathic market as well as expanding its international presence. In 2012 Hevert opened its US subsidiary, Hevert Pharmaceuticals LLC, focusing its product range on the areas of stress, sinus, cold/flu, allergy, detox and other common homeopathic categories that support the US naturopathic practitioner and community. The company has forged an alliance with the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, supporting several important joint initiatives. In October, Hevert was honored to be nominated for the NDNR 2015 Physician’s Choice award under the “Best Homeopathic Company” category for excellence in its products and support.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Hevert’s philosophy. The company is strongly committed to protecting the environment, responsibility for its employees and community and continual optimization of its manufacturing methods. A primary illustration of this commitment is Hevert’s Nussbaum, Germany manufacturing facility, which runs entirely on 100% renewable solar and hydroelectric energy. At the core of Hevert’s holistic corporate philosophy is the belief that nature is its partner. This concept empowers Hevert’s ongoing interaction with nature, which provides the active ingredients used in its products. As it grows, Hevert will continue to improve its efforts to coexist responsibly with its most trusted partner.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”—this guiding principle has long been the driving force behind Hevert’s legacy of homeopathic remedies, and it continues to propel Hevert’s ongoing commitment to the development of high-quality natural medicines and devotion to the naturopathic practitioner community into the future.