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Luyties, that's pronounced LOO-TEEZ.

In the 1840's, Herman Luyties, MD, opened a small homeopathic practice in downtown St. Louis. Soon after, doctors moving west began pressing him for homeopathic kits and supplies since he was the first local resource west of the Mississippi River. As the demand increased, he moved his office to the back and in 1853 officially opened a small homeopathic pharmacy.

When the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri was established in St. Louis in 1857, Luyties Pharmacal Company became the primary resource for homeopathy across the country. Dr. Luyties worked diligently on formulating combination tablets for specific ailments which would make it easier for his patients to care for their own self-treatable conditions, especially for patients traveling or living too far out for him to reach them quickly.

After receiving the 1904 World Fair's Grand Prize of Medicine "for the superior Purity, Accuracy and Quality of Luyties Homeopathic Remedies," August Luyties, (Herman's son) built a much needed factory-sized building for Luyties. In 1910 manufacturing moved to its current building. Luyties has been a much-loved family business ever since it began. This long history helps explain our wide product line, our loyal customer base, our family heritage and our commitment to classical homeopathy.

Luyties has fostered the art and science of manufacturing homeopathic remedies and remained steadfast to homeopathic principles through the trials and hardships homeopathy has endured to reach today's level of acceptance and popularity. Delivering quality products for healthy families since 1853

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