Historical Remedies


122 South Wabasha Street
St. Paul, MN 55107
Contact: Robert Cohanim

Historical Remedies was formed in the late 1980's, inspired by a passion for homeopathy and a drive to promote a practical model for homeopathic self-care. The company’s namesake stems from its classic collection of single ingredient remedies, significant for their historical evolution and modern use. We are stewards to these gold-standard remedies that bear Dr. Hahnemann’s rich mark, and have spent over two decades promoting their benefits.

The Historical Remedies model for self-care was based on the efficacious use of homeopathic medicine by its founder, Robert Cohanim. An integral component of Robert’s business model was to develop a language for labeling and educational material that would encourage confidence in homeopathic self-care. Consumers would not only be advised of indications, but life stressors and circumstances that call for acute and preventive care. The AAHP’s Jack Borneman coached us through the development of this practical language for advising Rx use and meeting OTC compliance.

Historical Remedies has kept its focus on education and marketing, and has relied on industry expertise for manufacturing. Its early product development was based on giving homeopathic medicine the same aesthetic appeal as beauty care products. This novel approach to merchandising medicine allowed the company to market itself among other self-care products, and helped open alternative markets for introducing homeopathy.

To further the accessibility of homeopathic medicine, the company pioneered alternative delivery systems for its remedies. In the mid 1990’s, it developed homeopathically-potentized lozenges and aromatherapy body oils. The classic lozenge slipcases were designed with evocative lifestyle images that appeal to a broader target market that might otherwise not try homeopathy.

In keeping with its practical philosophy, the Historical Remedies’ line consists exclusively of core products in select categories. Today, the company’s homeopathic lozenges are found in health food stores and a myriad of specialty and niche markets that had been previously untapped.

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